Chris Griffith has been a music tutor for many years, teaching children and adults how to play the piano, helping them achieve grades or just showing them how to play their favourite music.


Within the last few years Chris has established another business to run alongside his teaching career and is now playing piano and sometimes singing in restaurants, at weddings and in nursing homes.  He has also played at parties and at community events.  This new venture is proving to be very popular and is something Chris has found very rewarding. 


Chris also helps his partner, Chris Burch, with her photography business (Somerset Photographer) so he can often be seen as the second photographer at weddings.  Sometimes he plays the piano and she takes the photographs, other times they both take photographs.  Their skills mix and match very nicely!


Give Chris a call if you are interested in any of the above.  He is always helpful, friendly and will do his best to answer all your queries.


All Photographs on this website supplied by  Chris Burch -